Marie-Elsa Drelon | Pianistin — Pianiste — Berlin
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Marie-Elsa Drelon


Marie-Elsa Drelon, born in 1971, is of French-Irish descent.

She studied piano at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris with André Gorog and Germaine Mounier. She is a multiple laureate of international chamber music competitions.

In 1994 she moved to Berlin. Here, the freelance musician turned to the Argentine tango. As a pianist she has been at classical South American concerts at renowned venues

She played u.a. in the bar of every reason, and as a guest with the Radio Symphony Orchestra, Berliner Symphoniker and Babelsbergerfilmorchester.

For over 10 years she works for the Flying Theater. She has participated in numerous figures theater pieces, sound designer and actress and toured with them at home and abroad.

She has been working as a theater musician and dart maker in the puppet theater scene for 12 years. And played u. a. With the Flying Theater and Couturier Theater.

In 2008 she composed the music for theater couturiers »Duck Death and Tulip«, the winner of the Berlin Theater Prize IKARUS 2009 and has been performing live as a musician ever since.

In 2015 she recorded the CD »Lullabies, Chansons pour Dormir«.


8. Mai 2020 — Rotatonics – Live Streaming
aus der ufa Fabrik, 20:00 Uhr

8. Juni 2020 — Schalala – Das Mitsingding
ufa Fabrik, 20:00 Uhr


The idea to record a CD with lullabies was inspired by my Irish mother. She rocked me to sleep and sang nursery rhymes and lullabies in French and English. In addition, working in  the children’s theater has brought me closer to the inner world of children and their creativity for more than 10 years.

On the CD I sing my childhood songs and accompany them on the piano.

As a counterbalance to the seriousness of classical music, this work filled me with ease and joy.

Ferme Les Yeux

Fais Dodo

Rock A Bye Baby

Le Small Loup, La Biche


» … What would all this be without the virtuoso musician Marie-Elsa Drelon! She is not a companion, but a playmate. She is also the contact person for the duck, and her music tells the story. Much of the serenity and humor of the production is due to the sounds and melodies that it elicits from the instruments. What can one hear for crude sounds, how much untamed pleasure is in the simple, recurring melodies!

It’s not just the players who bring the characters to life, it’s the music as well. Such a wonderful, mutually inspiring togetherness Music and play – that is total enjoyment for eyes and ears. And if in the end, just as in the melodrama or in the film, the violins and celebs do not sob, but just the silence in the room, then the heart falters …«



As a film lover, I discovered fascinating film scores that have accompanied me for a long time: from Jacques Tati to Hitchcock, Philippe Sarde or Georges Delerue. Nino Rota’s music was one of the most important for me. With Carsten Wegener, a passionate multi-instrumentalist, I have found a partner who shares my passion for this music.

Rotatonics, a charming hand orchestra duo. The unusual instruments they play (musical saw, lapsteel, organ Korg CX 3, sound collages, etc) transform Rota’s compositions into captivating soundscapes.

»Schalala – The Mitsingding«

We sing in France spontaneously after the meal, with friends, with family. Popular melodies whistle and accompany our daily lightness … A cliché become tradition.
And then there is this variety show on French television, we are in 1975, names like Serge Gainsbourg, Juliette Gréco, Michel Berger  or Georges Moustaki become essential.

I could not therefore resist, a few decades later, the proposal of a friend: »The Mitsingding« , The Sing-along.These singing evenings are contagiously cheerful where humor and good humor reveals to participants a radiant and fulfilled aura.

Performance R31

Two artists meet on the stage. A dialogue arises between music and image.
The visual-acoustic concert tells an abstract story of water:

What does water sound like? What does the sound of the sea look like?
The ocean, calm and clear, people float through the sea, meet and unite, dissolve and perish.
Waves on the surface, stars in the sky. Stars become ashes, ashes become seeds, roots,underwater plants, waves, shoals of fish swim through the room.
Images dance on the canvas. Shadows are created. With the pictures arises
the music. The audience can immerse themselves in a world of sounds and images.
The visual techniques range from shadow theater, live drawing and painting to OH projections and animation films.
With Marie-Elsa Drelon at the piano and Denise Sheila Puri with graphic media.

Tango-Trio Tritángulo

Tritángulo combines the crème de la crème of the European tango scene.

Lothar Hensel, the bandoneónist and founder of the ensemble, tries to come closer to his dream of a balanced conversation between musicians with this intimate cast. He brought friends and proven specialists to his side.

His long shared experience in the tango ensembles Septísimo and tango fusión connects him with Oliver Potratz. Oliver Potratz won the 2007 German Jazz Prize.
The French pianist Marie- Elsa Drelon turned after the move to Berlin the Argentine Tango. In addition, she participated in many productions as a theater musician, sound designer and actress.

The repertoire of Tritángulo is not only for connoisseurs a true treasure chest: The repertoire is as complex as the tango.

Music for Children’s Theater

I have been working for the Fliegendes  Theater for over 10 years. I have worked on many productions as a theater musician, sound designer and actress, as well as on domestic and international tours. My main instruments are piano and keyboards, I play various other instruments such as harp, jaw harp, glockenspiel, kalimbas, etc.

In 2008 I composed the music for Theater Couturier’s »Duck Death and Tulip«. The piece won the 2009 IKARUS Prize of the Berlin Youth Culture Service.

Participation in the following productions:

Fliegendes Theater

Anne Frank, verstecktes Leben

Die Drachenprobe

Ein Haus erzählt

Eine Reise in die Urzeit

Fantasien zu Paul Klee

Kleine Schöpfungsgeschichten

Matti Patti Bu

Tage, wo überall Feinde lauern

Was macht der Mond

Isabelle Engel


Josa mit der Zauberfidel

Schiffchens große Fahrt

Wo ist mein Schirm



Die kleine Wolke

Theater Couturier

Ente, Tod und Tulpe, Preisträger des IKARUS 2009

Musikkompositionen für folgende Theater:

Theater in der Badewanne Stuttgart

Theater Miamou Berlin

Theater Tearticolo Klotten

Theater Minimal Berlin


Festival Augenblickmal Berlin

Brotfabrik Bonn

Theater Junge Generation Dresden

Festival Starke Stücke Rhein-Main

Kiesel Friedrichshafen

Festival Geo Condé Frouard (F)

Festival Meli Mome , Reims (F)

Festival Spleen Graz (A)

Festival KinderKinder Hamburg

Marottinale Karlsruhe

Comedia Köln

TaK Schaan Festival , Luxemburg

Festival Re-Generation Lyon (F)

Schnawwl-Theater Mannheim

Festival Momix Kingersheim (F),

Pasinger Fabrik München

Festival Panoptikum Nürnberg

Bayer Kultur Leverkusen

Scene d’Europe Reims (F)

Festival Meli Mom Reims (F)

Illkirch-Graffenstaden (F),

Imaginale Stuttgart

Festival Blickfelder Zürich (CH),

Figura Theater Festival Baden (CH)

Kindertheater des Monats in NRW

Kindertheater des Monats Schleswig- Holstein

Stadttheater Herford

Theatertage Dachau

Figurentheater Festival  Fidena Bochum

Figurentheater Tage , Husum

Schattentheater Festival Schwäbisch Gmünd

Meppel 10de Internationaal Poppenspelfestival

Breda  Amstelveen (Holland)

Parma (Italien)

Chennai. The little Festival (Indien)

Teatro Mayor, Bogota

Quito  Theater Sucre (Ecuador)

Centro Cultural Sarao, Guayaquil (Ecuador)